@Ashish_Pardeshi Ashish Kumar Pardeshi

Hello everyone we thought of building a structure using bamboo using a traditional method (which does not use any nail/screw/wire to make any joint in the structure).

The design of structure (to be build) is given below.



Took a hollow bamboo (less dense from inside) and clamped it via vice.

Now the journey towards measuring and cutting begins. Measuring tape is used for measurement and Hex Saw is used to cut bamboo.

With this Hex saw i am getting slightly slope cut, tried again, adjusted the blade but found the blade is anyhow getting tilt, So decide to use a wood Saw, finally got a true cut.

After cutting four bigger legs and two small legs, its time for drilling a hole for a adjacent bamboo which must be having dia less than 60 % of the bamboo leg dia. So insering a adjacent smaller dia bamboo into hole drilled on leg bamboo is all the trick and a traditional method.

Drill press with a 1/4 inch drill bit is used to make the drill.

Filing of hole is also need to adjust it for the bamboo to be inserted.

Testing time for the first insertion of smaller dia bamboo in between two legs.

Drilling bottom two holes and inserting a smaller dia bamboo in between.

So finished drilling holes (sufficient to hold a cuboid, one can obeserve two adjacent holes) on bigger legs.

We can discuss various other aspect of this method, Curious to listen and learn from other makers on this platform.

Stay tuned for further updates.