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Moina Group
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Plan of work - 30 Dec 19

  1. Observing the Moinas which are in test tubes at different milk concentrations, their colour change from colourless to pale yellow (in high concentration of milk) under microscope and taking their microphotographs
  2. Feeding the Moinas and keeping a count of the same
  3. Discussing the mechanism behind turning on and off of the Hb genes, initiation of HIF protein, referring to articles and research papers and the Nobel Prize winning work!

@drishtantmkawale Drishtant Maruti Kawale

Our objective of this experiment is to obtain red moinas.

On 28th of Dec 19’, we had made 16 test tubes - TM1 to TM16.
Here, TM stands for Test tube Moina.

All 16 test tubes are identical in their constituents - 15ml of Dechlorinated Water + 5 Colourless Moinas + 1:20 dilution of milk and water respectively.
The only difference is of the drops of milk.

Why 16 test tubes?
We had to check the effect of different concentrations of milk on the Moinas.

TM1 to TM4 - These are control test tubes including replicates which are fed with 1 drop of the 1:20 dilution

TM5 to TM8 - Fed with 2 drops of milk dilution (includes replicates too)

TM9 to TM12 - Fed with 4 drops of milk dilution (includes replicates too)

TM13 to TM16 - Fed with 6 drops of milk dilution (includes replicates too).

There is no specific reason of not keeping a 3, 5 drops culture.
We could have done that too.

As per my previous observation, in 250ml of DC Water and 6drops of milk daily with 10-15 moinas initially, only 60-70% of the total moinas will be red at the end of 7 days i.e. out of the 100-120 Moinas in the bottle, ~70 Moinas would be Red.
Our previous test tube cultures had the same result

1st day - Colourless
2nd day - Colourless
3rd day - Pale Yellow
4th day - Pale Yellow
5th day - Orangish Red
6th day - Orangish Red
7th day - Red

We will share the photos of the same.

Our hypothesis is that the moinas in 6 drop of milk dilution should turn red on the 7th-8th day
and the moinas in less milk concentration should take relatively more time like the moinas in 4 drops of milk dilution should turn red on the 9th day maybe.
We haven��t tried the 4 drops of milk dilution earlier.

More drops of milk…
Less days it would take to turn into Red.
But this doesn’t mean that we add 10 drops of milk dilution…
We can try that…