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The universe has always fascinated human. Man being a curious animal, tries to understand the natural phenomenon that takes place.
A solar eclipse is one such phenomenon when the moon comes in between earth and the sun. As a result, the moon obstructs the sunrays coming to the earth. Observing this directly with bare eyes is harmful, but nature has created something called as “pinhole effect” which helps us study this phenomenon. When locked in a dark room, a beam of light enters the room from a small hole, if this light is obstructed by some object in between the image formed takes the shape of the object in path! This principle is used to make pinhole cameras which is a simple device made by using an intact box with a pinhole made in it. Just hold the box such that the sun is behind you and the rays enter in it giving us the image with ease😃

The leaves of trees act like multiple pinhole cameras! Every day a tree canopy creates pinhole effect with sunlight☀ which remains unnoticed as all the circular images merge into each other.
During an eclipse, this effect becomes very evident as the image created is very prominent thanks to the crescent :crescent_moon: shape created during a solar eclipse. This helps us study solar eclipse without even using any costly equipments!!!

Refer the image for classic natural canopy pinhole camera based Study of Solar Eclipse (26 Dec 2019 at 9:30 am) along with a Control data of the next day (27 Dec 2019 at 9:31 am), by Reeja, a school teacher of CUBE SNV High School Nedunganda ~40 km north to Thiruvananthapuram.

So the next time you know there is an eclipse, capture this effect sitting at your home :wink::innocent:

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These are very impressive pictures. The picture taken on the next day exactly at the same time is a great sense of control. Much appreciated.


@Priti_Kanade, in Chat there is postings on Solar Eclipse. Please post findings of Reeja CUBE SNHS, Nedunganda along with the photos and the essential description there too!

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