@G_N Nagarjuna G

STEM Games are gamified STEM projects.

Download the PDF Document for a comprehensive preview of STEMGAmes

At this arena we publish two kinds of STEM projects:

  1. Research projects (Laboratory or Field Based)
  2. Build your own lab projects (Makerspace Based)

Most STEM research projects need a lab unless they are field projects. Many schools and colleges do not have a lab. By participating in the projects, you can create a lab or makerspace if you don’t have one, and those of you who already have a lab can make your lab/makerspace more active by frequently reporting about your lab projects at this place.

These projects become a context to cultivate and recognize STEM habits.

Why are STEM projects called STEM Games?

STEM practices followed by the practitioners are rule-following activities. Entering a STEM arena requires us to know the rules and learn to practice them regularly until they become our habits. Besides we have referees at this arena who grant badges as and when we display the STEM Habits. Thus, gamified STEM Projects are STEM Games.