@G_N Nagarjuna G

The acronym “STEM” is widely expanded to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.
Often people ask if Art and Design are part of STEM. Is sociology or economics part of STEM? So, the following may help you resolve or clarify these questions.

We make a distinction between content and research practices. Any subject area can be researched. STEM is considered here more synonymous with research and research tools and not identified because of content. Interpreted this way, STEMGames are Research Games.

Creative use of media and tools is Art. So, Art is included in STEM. Researchers do use media and tools creatively. We also grant badges for creative use of tools.

Creating tools and media is engineering. Design is an integral part of engineering. We grant a collection of badges for design thinking.

Research projects as a context for learning and teaching define the scope of STEMgames.